Want to stay on the cutting edge of FAT LOSS and MUSCLE BUILDING research?


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A monthly summary and APPLICATION of the latest and best fat loss and muscle hypertrophy research. 

I read the research so you don’t have to.
I take in the scientific jargon and bring it to you in plain English so you can understand and apply it. You get the benefits of staying current without spending hours sifting through research articles.


What You'll Get... 


Recent and Best Research

Most recent and historically relevant research on losing body fat and gaining muscle. Each month, I’ll summarize 2 research studies and critically analyze them by highlighting the strengths and limitations of each study.

Easy to Read

An easy to read analysis of the research that’s summarized by someone who actually conducts and publishes fat loss research—me!

Not Sciencey!

If you like scientific jargon and complexity when reading research and summaries of research - Body by Science is NOT for you! I go to great efforts to make each study summary straightforward and simple to understand. 

Expert Application

Expert application of the research. Just reading research isn’t helpful. You have to be able to apply the research to be successful. That’s why I’ve recruited an outstanding team of world class experts (physique coaches, physicians, dietitians) that provide advice and recommendations for applying the research into your or your clients’ lifestyles for maximum benefit.


Whether you need content for your social media channels, programming ideas for your clients, or conducting an interview, you can be confident that your up to date with the most relevant body composition research.

Time Savings!

I do all of the work so you don’t have to labor through 100’s of pages of dry research.

Social Media Content

Content for your social media platforms. Take my content and repurpose it for your own content creation needs,

Introductory Pricing

Student based pricing for everyone. I want every fitness professional and serious fitness enthusiast to have access to the research. Cost should not be a barrier to helping you become the best coach, content producer, or fitness professional that you can be.

The Body by Science Research Review is For...


Physique Coaches, Personal Trainers, Evidence-Based Fitness Influencers, Bikini Competitors, Bodybuilders, Podcast Hosts, Registered Dietitians, Fitness Enthusiasts, Medical Professionals Specializing in Weight Loss, and Researchers

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Monthly Subscription

  • 2 recent and relevant research studies highlighted each issue
  • Easy to read analysis, simple to understand
  • World class expert advice to apply the research
  • Save time - I do the work for you!
  • Build your confidence and expertise with up the most to date research available 
  • Repurpose my content for your social media

Meet Bill Campbell PhD

I created the ‘Body by Science’ research review to solve these two problems:

1. Too many people embrace extreme approaches in their diet and training programs.

2. Not enough people rely on the latest scientific evidence to guide them in their diet and training programs.

Building the type of body you want through diet and exercise doesn't need to be extreme!

It does require that you be consistent.

You have to know which nutrition practices, which when repeated consistently, will yield the results you desire. If these nutrition and training practices are extreme, you won’t follow them for very long and you’ll ultimately fail when trying to optimize your body composition. 

By reading and applying what you’ll learn in the Body by Science research review, you’ll know that what you’re doing is backed by the science. You’ll start to learn what I learned in my 20+ years as a physique scientist - If you stick to your plan for a long enough period of time, you’ll see results.

You don’t need to be extreme in your diet. You don’t need to be extreme in your training program. Focus on the essential elements of your diet and training program that will yield the biggest impact to your physique and do it consistently.

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