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3 Months Bundle: April / May / June 2023

Body by Science makes it simple and easy to be an expert in exercise and nutrition!

Do you want to be an expert in exercise and nutrition? 

Do you want your nutrition and exercise programming to be evidence-based?

Do you want to have answers to the questions your clients and followers ask? Want your answers to be backed by high-quality research? 

Every month I summarize 2 outstanding research studies and make it effortless for you to understand how the research was done and what the results were. In addition, each month I have two experts that share their expertise and experience on how to apply the research.

Body by Science gives you science and application!

What you'll get:

  • 3 months of Body by Science: April / May / June 2023 - 3 issues in total.
  • 6 outstanding research summaries.
  • 2 experts in each issue sharing their expertise and experience on how to apply the research.
  • Studies included in this bundle:
    • Is Caffeine a Legitimate Fat Loss Supplement?
    • Using Macro Tracking Apps for Fat Loss...How Helpful are They?
    • What Causes a Weight Loss Plateau – Metabolic Adaptation or a Lack of Dietary Adherence?
    • Whole Foods vs. Processed Foods – Which One Increases Postprandial Metabolism to a Greater Extent?
    • Progressive or Constant Calorie Deficit – What’s Best for Fat Loss?
    • Is Fasted Cardio Superior to Fed Cardio for Fat Loss?

Immediate access to all 3 issues. Download the PDF's, they are yours to keep.