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Year 1 Bundle

Body by Science makes it simple and easy to be an expert in exercise and nutrition!

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  • Year 1 of Body by Science, 12 issues in total. 
  • 24 outstanding research summaries.
  • 2 experts in each issue sharing their expertise and experience on how to apply the research.
  • Studies included in this bundle:
    • Is Time Restricted Feeding (16:8) Better than a Flexible Diet for Fat Loss & Maintaining Muscle Mass?
    • Diet vs. Exercise: What’s Better for Fat Loss
    • What's the Best Way to Increase Resistance Training Volume to Gain Muscle Mass?
    • Are Ketogenic Diets Good for Building Muscle?
    • Does Incorporating a Detraining Phase into Your Training Program Slow Down Your Gains
    • Do Diet Breaks Preserve Muscle Mass & Metabolic Rate During a Diet?
    • What Should I do with Resistance Training Volume when Dieting — Increase it, Decrease it, or Keep it the Same?
    • Is Nutrient Timing Important for Building Muscle?
    • What Happens to Body Composition (Muscle Mass & Body Fat) when You Simply Increase Protein Intake?
    • What’s Best for Muscle Hypertrophy - Training a Muscle Group 2 days per week or 3 Days per week?
    • Does Sleep Restriction Increase Abdominal Fat?
    • Are Half-Squats as Good as Full Squats for Maximizing Glute Development?
    • Does a Regular Feeding Schedule Increase the Thermic Effect of Food?
    • Does Changing Up Your Resistance Training Program Consistently Lead to Better Muscle Hypertrophy Gains?
    • Is a Time-Restricted Feeding Diet Superior to the Same Diet with no Time Restrictions?
    • Does Drinking Water Have any Effect on Fat Loss?
    • What’s Better for Progressive Overload – Increasing Load or Increasing Repetitions?
    • Morning-Loaded or Evening Loaded Calorie Distribution When Dieting – Which is Best for Fat Loss?
    • Is Caffeine a Legitimate Fat Loss Supplement?
    • Using Macro Tracking Apps for Fat Loss...How Helpful are They?
    • What Causes a Weight Loss Plateau – Metabolic Adaptation or a Lack of Dietary Adherence?
    • Whole Foods vs. Processed Foods – Which One Increases Postprandial Metabolism to a Greater Extent?
    • Progressive or Constant Calorie Deficit – What’s Best for Fat Loss?
    • Is Fasted Cardio Superior to Fed Cardio for Fat Loss?

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